What is Sentinel



Got livestream?  No?  Then you are missing out on an important opportunity to represent your passion, your brand, and the experience of motorsport! 


The Sentinel Video System was designed from the ground up to offer endurance racers, sprint racers and HPDE track enthusiasts with a reliable, easy to use, and feature packed LIVESTREAMING and recording solution.

Tired of cobbling together a solution?  Action cameras, hotspots, video encoders, cables, batteries, etc?  Sentinel has you covered!  Connect your cameras, plug in your simcard, grab your smartphone and start your engine!  

In less than an hour you can have the system out of the box, installed in your car and streaming straight to YouTube.  Even better if you add a formatted USB stick you will have a super high quality recording with overlays, up to 3 cameras and your racedata in one video.  No more post track day video editing and synchronizing of cameras and audio.

Sentinel 2.0 is just the next generation of the revolutionary Sentinel Video System incorporating all of the features and functions of the original Sentinel system in a more robust and hardened package.

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There is nothing on the market that does what Sentinel can.