Troubleshooting Guide

Thank you for your purchase of the Sentinel Video System.  This page will provide a quick troubleshooting guide to help solve some of the most common issues we have encountered in the field.

1. Blue light on the Sentinel

After booting, Sentinel will show a blue light until it finishes loading the system software and attaching to the cell network.  If it can not reach the cell network, this light will not change from blue to green.

If the light does not eventually go to green check the following:

  • The LTE antenna is connected to the ANT port of the supplied modem
  • The LTE antenna has a clear view of the sky (externally mounted if possible)
  • The SIM card in the modem is inserted properly (notch toward the "lock" label
  • The SIM card is activated as a SMARTPHONE SIM
    • you can test this by removing the SIM and inserting into your phone.  If the phone can make calls AND access the internet (with WiFi off) you are in business
    If all of the above seem in order, please contact support as you may need more advanced troubleshooting or a manual firmware update.
    2. GPS data is not available in the video feed
    GPS data is provided by the modem.  If you are not receiving GPS data (showing "NO GPS" on the HUD or showing a constant 0 on the GPS overlay) please follow these troubleshooting steps.
    • Ensure that the connector from the provided antenna labeled "GPS or GNSS" is connected securely to the loose unlabeled SMA connector on the modem.
    • Ensure that the antenna has a clear view of the sky and is well clear of any other RF sources (radios, other cell modems antennas, etc)
    • Ensure the antenna cable is not pierced in any way (follow the cable from the external side all the way to the modem looking for nicks in the insulation)
    If none of the above solve your issue please contact support as you may need additional assistance
    3. Sentinel Stream will not start despite being commanded to in the UI
    The most common reasons for this are:
    • Not being logged into the UI correctly
      • If the UI device state says "LoadError" you are not logged in correctly.  Click sign out and sign back in.
      • If you bookmarked the UI and your cookie has expired the UI will load but you wont be able to control the system.  Please bookmark the login page instead.
    • Missing microphone
    • Missing cameras
    • Corrupted branding image

    If all the hardware above is accounted for and securely connected, please execute a full factory reset by pressing and holding the button on the top of the Sentinel for a full 15 seconds and then releasing it.  This will reset the configuration to defaults and clear any miss configuration and possibly corrupted images.

    If the system is still experiencing issues, please go to the configuration site click on the "show advanced configuration" button and hit the "send autosupport" button.  This will send log files to support that can be analyzed.