Tech notes

SIM Card activation:

All Sentinel systems come with an un-activated Verizon SIM card included in the box.  Most teams activate this SIM on an existing account as a new line of service under an unlimited plan.  For help with Verizon activation, please contact Eric Kaul at : (508) 834-3311.  Make sure to tell him that your activating a Sentinel Video System.

USB Recording:

Sentinel supports local recording via an attached USB stick.  The USB stick *MUST* be formatted FAT32 to be compatible with Sentinel.  exFAT may mount but will LOSE data if the stream is not terminated correctly.  Please use the verbatim FAT32 format tool located HERE to format your USB stick prior to use in Sentinel.

Camera mounting best practice:

The Sentinel cameras are very light and as such can be mounted with almost any mount that provides 1/4-2" mounting threads.  However for best overall video stability Candelaria Racing Products suggests the use of the RAM mount line of roll bar mounts.  

Threaded ball
Roll bar strap
Medium arm

If installing temporarily for demonstration use our go to solution has been passenger side windshield suction cups with the wide angle lens pointing forward and the standard angle lens pointing at the driver.  This has provided very good results during testing.  

USB Power:

The Sentinel video system requires a clean stable 3A (5V) power supply.  A good quality 12V-5V buck converter is supplied with your system.  Many customers have asked for a way to run Sentinel off of a USB power bank.  Candelaria Racing Products has tested power delivery of a number of USB power systems and found the majority of them cannot deliver the necessary current without a voltage drop.  In short, Sentinel will be certified against a few specific USB power banks, please contact us for details.  If you choose to run Sentinel off an untested power bank please understand that stability can not be guaranteed

Candelaria Racing Products will be selling the certified battery banks along with the necessary USB->2.1mm power plug shortly for your convenience.