SRT Advanced configuration and release notes

As of Sentinel release 2.31 we are officially in public beta for SRT.

With the release of 2.32 we have exposed some tuning knobs that affect the automatic bandwidth adjustment.

Round Trip Time Threshold -- The maximum time in ms that a packet round trip can take before a stepdown in bandwidth will occur.  Increased RTT usually indicates a congested network link, decreasing bitrate in the face of increased RTT allows us to adjust the bitrate preemptively to avoid packet loss.

Stepdown -- The size of the bitrate adjustment in the face of RTT over-run or packet loss.  Basically decides how aggressive should the backoff be

Stepup -- The size of the bitrate adjustment in the upward direction when adjusting

Hold down time -- The minimum interval between downward adjustment and the next adjustment

Hold up multiplier -- The multiple of the hold down time that the step-up algorithm will use before adjusting upwards.  

As this code is in public beta we are still dialing in the best possible default values which is why they are exposed.  I do NOT recommend changing these settings without the guidance of support, but as more customers start using SRT in the wild, having the ability to make changes without requiring a new firmware load is beneficial.