Release notes

See below for release notes for all versions >= 1.985C


* Implemented vBox specific code to enable RAW HDMI sources
* Changed leaky queue behavior and increased buffer size before discard to 4 seconds.


* Driver tag branding fix
-- Change of driver will no longer cause stream to restart
-- Driver tag override will no longer persist after a reboot
* Video pipeline optimization
-- Implemented leaky queues on broadcast side allowing the feed to better discard outdated video frames in poor coverage areas more quickly.  This is an overall better method of maintaining stream integrity.
* GPS fix
-- Fixed bug with GPS not starting when system was set to stream at power on.  Bug caused by deadlock between streamthread and watchdog thread.  Retry workflow has been added.



* Full USB decoupling from broadcast pipeline
-- Poor LTE reception will no longer result in USB files having skipped frames
* Generic CANBUS framework cutover
-- CANBUS definitions now defined by onboard JSON file
-- Not user modifiable until V2.0
* Fixes for enabled FSO (Full Screen Overlay) fields but no X/Y provided
-- Defaults to 0,0 position